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I couldn't avoid a section dedicated to my bikes.


"Slepnir" with the usual windmill

'till July 2004 I owned and liked a TA first series ('89), named "Slepnit" like the six-legged horse of Odin, father of the Asgard's gods. My TA toke me all around europe.



In 2004 I had a whim and decide to get a new Transalp. Here is "Skoll", a new TA 2000 series.



In 2006 I wen for a couple of months in the US and while there I rented a huge HD, when I came back, don't know why but the TA didn't felt "enough". And I was forever looking for a sixth gear. So I decided to upgrade to a Suzuki V-Strom 1000 named 'Rigle'. With which I immediately went to Belgium for a shakedown.

Here' a quick report.

Quick test BMW R 1200 RT, I had it for a couple of days...



The V-Strom got a gremlin in 2008 that made the engine unreliable in long tour... practically everything longer than home-work and back. And after repeated attempt my garage couldn't figure out what the problem was. So after a while I toke a decision and got myself the 'small' F 650 GS BWM. Not sure why it is named '650' since the engine is an 800 cc.

Here is a mini-report after the first 250Km.

Installing Givi's Monokey frame


After more than 10 years, I decided that it was the time for a new model. The old one was ok, from a mechanical point of view, only some little defect mostly due to the fact it spent over 10 years riding in every possible weather condition (and the Dutch weather ain't the best).

The major problem was that the motorblok began to suffer from corrosion due to the crap that is trown on the roads during the winter (that stuff they pretend it's salt but ain't).

So, one nice February day, I went to my preferred motorcycle pusher and ordered a brand new BMW F750gs. White.

I've already tested the bike sometimes ago and had some... doubt about the kind of "optional" that BMW was "pushing" (the mouse/scrollwheel, the gps/phone/integration thingy... lots of stuff that looks out of place on a motorcycle and frankly I consider extremely dangerous and completely useless in normal situation), but the engine is still the same solid dual-cilinder of the old version, and the frame is still the good-old frame. So, after some calculation and my pick of extra and optionals (I want handguards, crashbars, center standing, heated handgrip, a decent windscreen and the racks to attach MY bags) I signed the order.

The bike was delivered a the beginning of May.

Ghost ready for delivery

Here you can find an original test of the "full optional" model with my... hemmm... opinions.

What do you do with a motorbike? What the heck! You ride it! Here is a quick sum of my trips.

By Davide Bianchi Updated 21/07/2009 21:26 - No messages
Visit to Normandy's Invasions Beaches.

By Davide Bianchi Updated 25/12/2009 13:57 - No messages
Belgio, Lussemburgo, Francia, Italia, Austria, Germania e rientro in Olanda. Sette paesi attraversati in dodici giorni.

By Davide Bianchi Updated 29/03/2008 00:00 - No messages
Visto che non potevo andare al CMRN ne' all'ITT me ne sono andato a vedere il festival delle sculture di sabbia.

By Davide Bianchi Updated 30/12/2009 15:05 - No messages
Visita al vascello di Greenpeace "Esperanza"

By Davide Bianchi Updated 30/07/2008 00:00 - No messages
Giugno 2005, 5 giorni in Danimarca.

By Davide Bianchi Updated 29/03/2008 00:00 - No messages
Se una volta si fa, perche' non due?

By Davide Bianchi Updated 17/07/2010 08:38 - No messages

By Davide Bianchi Updated 17/07/2010 08:38 - No messages
Visit to Scotland (june 2008)

By Davide Bianchi Updated 17/07/2010 08:39 - No messages
A quick visit to Mainz (DE)

By Davide Bianchi Updated 14/10/2008 00:00 - No messages
E cosi' mi ritrovai in auto (si', in auto) in direzione Koln per una rapida visita all'Intermot.

By Davide Bianchi Updated 09/08/2009 15:00 - No messages
A solo trip in Belgium

By Davide Bianchi Updated 07/07/2010 11:21 - No messages
So my friend Vinci says "Why don't we go to the Pyrenees?"...

I didn't went with the bike for obvious reasons:

August 2006
Washington DC
San Francisco


I love stupid... hemmm... usefull and fancy gadgets...

A PDA used as a GPS
So I don't get lost.

Tank bag for photocamera
To solve the usual problem: "how do I carry my camera?"

Intecom bike-2-bike "do-it-yourself"
To chat while riding, without spending an arm and a leg (and a kidney)