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And welcome in my personal site too. This site collect informations, impressions, opinions and other stuff directly related to myself, so if you're not really interested in me, maybe you should leave now.
You could be interested in The Netherlands, in this case here you'll find some informations that could be usefull to you.

BTW, if you're here looking for the Dutch Language Course, you'll find it in the "Nederlands" (or "Dutch") part of the site.


This site is going through a full rebuild since I'm going from one CMS to another and I'm also going to change the templates and put the pictures in the gallery, so if some things looks "weird" or doesn't work don't be surprised. I'm working on it.

Il Dottor Che Cosa?

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 21/03/2013 11:32, No messages
Dato che il 30 di marzo ricomincia la stagione...

Castle Ravenloft - 2012/12/01

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 02/12/2012 10:35, No messages
Abbiamo passato un paio d'ore giocando a Castle Ravenloft...

Let's start this over, shall we?

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 23/11/2012 14:22, No messages
And maybe with a bit of forward-thinking...


By Davide Bianchi, Updated 17/07/2010 08:40, No messages
A new programmable remote control