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I've been thinking about turning this site a bit more into a "blog" and also starting over with writing again, since I've not been updating this site for quite a while. The problem with changing the site is: is way too much like work. And the problem with writing is more or less the same. Moreover I'm used now to write most of the junk directly on my other website or directly on places like Facebook or Twitter, so this site is looking a lot like a dead end. But I like to maintain this one because it gives me the option of being a bit experimental.

For example, I recently redesigned the whole template to look a lot more "blog-style" and lost a bit of overhead, this gave me some opportunity to mess around with the CSS (that I hate) and to add an on-line editor to write the posts directly. It's fun, even if somebody got a bit pissed because I spent several evenings messing with the pc instead of being on the couch playing the pillow part (eh...).

So I won't stop this, but it is not going to be an high priority.

Stay tuned.

Davide Bianchi
23/11/2012 14:22

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