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Personal informations

Davide Bianchi, born in Italy in Pieve del Cairo the 29/6/1969, living in The Netherlands in Zaandam, Pieter Pauwstraat 28. Single.

Study and certification

High School Degree in Industrial Electronic with a score of 54/60 from "ITIS A. Maserati" in 1989.

MSCP in Windows Open System Architecture (WOSA) in 1995, Certification expired in 1998.

RHCE - Red Hat Certified Engineer #805008366034934, cert acquired the 31 October 2009.

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge of the most used programming languages (C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, Perl) under Windows and Unix/Linux. Experience in administration and development of the most used RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL).

Experience in network installation and administrations (DHCP, DNS, NFS, squid, Samba, LDAP, CVS, Subversion, Radius). Database installation, programming, tuning, backup and restoring (Oracle 7/8, MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL), setup and maintenance of web servers (Apache, Resin, TomCat) and monitoring tools (Nagios, NetSaint, BCNU, BB, Cacti). Clustering (HA/DRBD) and high-availability systems.

10 year experience in development and maintenance of software system using various languages and techniques and 10 year experience in administration of various systems (Unix/Linux/Windows).

5 years experience as Project Manager leading a team of 5 developers (including Quality Control and Documentation management).

System integration between Unix and Windows using J2ee technologies and XML messaging.

Experience in training of technical and non-technical peoples, consulting and problems solving. Previous experience as first and second line technical support.

Installation, maintenance and tuning of mail systems (Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, Qmail and Microsoft Exchange), implementation of spam and virus filtering systems.

Experience in implementation and debugging of VPN (IPSEC, OpenVPN, Cipe).

Experience in implementation and day-to-day running of HA clusters and virtual environments (VMWare).

Competences and skills

Previous working experience/projects

2008-2009: Netco BV - System Engineer

Administration/Installation and support of Unix Systeams, mail processing systems.

My current duty consists in the installation, maintenance and improvement of a number of Unix systems (Solaris and Linux), the maintenance and control of the antispam system that serve more than 8000 domains with a daily throughput of about 7.000.000 mails. Development of custom-made software for monitoring and collection of statistics. Analysis and control of proxy servers and other devices used by customers at various location. Third level support.

2004-2008: Greenpeace International - System Engineer

Administration/Installation and support of Linux systems.

My duty consisted in the installation and maintenance of a plethora of servers used by the organization worldwide. We have offices and systems based all around the globe, that we maintain remotely. Development and maintenance of in-house monitoring and scanning tools and various utilities to maintain the global user list and allow access to various services based on ACLs on LDAP. Installation and maintenance of the internal network systems, mostly based on Windows workstations and Linux servers.

Basically I spent 60% of times doing administrative tasks and the rest of the time developing scripts and programs to speed up the previous tasks. Development involves bash scripting, PHP, Perl or C/C++ depending on the task.

2001-2004: Clockwork - Software Engineer/System Administrator

Administration/Installation of Unix/Linux/Oracle systems. First line support. All-around 'techie' guy.

My duty consisted in the installation and maintenance of mail servers, application servers, CVS servers, file servers. Installation and configuration of JSP/J2ee applications. Installation and maintenance of database servers (Postgres, oracle, MySQL, SQL server), development of applications in php/java/c++/perl/bash to speed-up the normal maintenance procedures. Development and maintenance of in-house monitoring and scanning tools developed using Java and tcp/ip messaging. I also acted as 'consultant' to select hardware and software for servers and applications servers and to provide solutions when something doesn't work as expected. Installation and maintenance of the internal network systems, mostly based on Windows workstations and Unix (Solaris) or Linux servers and support to the users for normal operations.

2000-2001: Square b.v. - Software Engineer/System Administrator

Development of a research project name "TUSS", project developed completely in Java (maximum portability). Administration of the test/development environment (Win NT, Oracle and Linux). TUSS project was developed to allow fine calculation and accountability for printing jobs, ability to handle multiple printers and multiple pricing depending by the printer, user that submit the job and so on. I was responsible for the development of part of the system to handle the database connection and the calculation 'engine' of the application. The user interface was developed using jsp. The core system was developed in Java/J2ee using JINI messaging. The installation and maintenance of various database servers (Oracle 8), the implementation of backup procedures for the CVS and database systems used during development where part of the job. Maintenance of the development system based on Unix (Solaris) and Linux servers with Windows and Linux workstations. Key technologies involved where Java, J2ee, XML, JINI and databases maintenance/administrations.

1997-1999: Euroware - Software Engineer/System Administrator

Development and maintenance of 4 software products aimed at the chemical industry (food, paint, flavors...) managed a group of 5 developers and responsible of the administration of the IT system (Win NT/Oracle/Linux).

Euroware (now Selerant) develop and sell applications to handle safety cards for chemical products developed in C++. During that period my duty was also the management of the company IT system (mail server, file server, CVS system), I was also becoming the software manager and the team leader for the software development team. I was responsible for the development and maintenance of connection modules developed to allow the application to use different databases (Raima, Oracle). Installation and maintenance of testing databases (Oracle 7). For Dragoco International (spice and flavors) we developed ad complex system of replication procedures to allow multiple system to sync trough private networks. Installation, tuning and maintenance of the internal network based on Windows workstations and Unix (Solaris), Linux and Windows servers. Acted also as first/second line technical support and training of customers.

Key technologies used where C/C++, databases (Oracle and Raima) and e-mails. I spent 50% doing administration and management tasks and the rest doing development work.

1992-1996: Microsys - Software Developer/System Administrator

Various projects for many customers, mainly developed using Clipper (dBase compiler) and C/C++ with access to bTrieve database.

During that period I developed an application for business management/price control/project management using Clipper for Gruppo Rinascente, one of the biggest distribution company in Italy (part of Auchen group now), various application for insurance management for RAS group (insurances). Applications for phone orders processing for Galbani SPA. I was also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of various databases systems (Oracle/MS SQL Server) used for development or testing.

1990-1992: UFEMA - Software Developer

Implementation of the internal IT system with interface with the "sales forces" development of a specific "electronic price list" for sales persons.

The projects followed/developed during the period were an electronic price list and ordering system developed in Clipper, client application to control a computerized pressurization plant trough a serial line developed in C/C++.


Usually I know what I am doing, I will not do whatever I am told is a good idea if I don't think so. I'm used to say what I think, the way I think it, and when I think it. I'm open to suggestions and, if asked, I will give my suggestions if I have any. I don't think I know everything and I'm willing to learn. I like to plan ahead and to have backup plans in place. I respect other peoples' ideas but I expect the same respect about my ideas.

How to contact me:

By e-mail: davide AT, by phone: +31 (0)6 29 11 35 89 (note: before phoning please drop me a mail or a text message, I tend to not to answer the phone if I don't know who's calling to screen off telemarketers), by Skype: davideyahsure, by ICQ: 268751033, by Jabber: davideyeahsure at